Type B Gas Appliances Installation & Commissioning

Working with Type B appliances

To work on a Type B appliance, you must hold a current Gas Work Authorisation (GWA), if the gas work is carried out at an operating plant under a Safety Management System.

The installation must be in accordance with relevant safety requirements and standards including AS/NZS 5601.1 gas installations. Gas appliances and equipment covered by gas industry codes are exempt from being a hazardous area, based on the premise that these codes provide (by their equipment design and instructions) an installation that produces a non-hazardous environment.

In some instances, particularly for larger industrial equipment, the installer needs to ensure that this premise is justified.

Before commencement, a GWA Holder must have:

An approved technical submission

A Section 733 certificate

The appliance must be installed and commissioned as per the design in the technical submission. This is the responsibility of the GWA performing the work.

The GWA must update and notify the designer to have the technical submission updated and re-approved with actuals. If this process does not occur, the certificate will not match the technical submission; this will render the appliance non-compliant.

Type B minimum requirements

Upon successful completion of the installation and commissioning, minimum requirements for Type B compliance are as follows:

Appendix A - technical submission

Type B Gas Device Approval Certificate (Section 733)

Gas System Compliance Certificate (Section 734)

Operating Plant Compliance Certificate (Section 697)

Managing ongoing Type B compliance

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