Type B Gas Appliance Design

What is Type B compliance?

Type B appliances are commonly found in industrial sites. These appliances are defined in AS/NZS 5601.1 as an appliance with gas consumption exceeding 10 MJ/hour, for which a certification scheme doesn’t exist.

Examples of Type B gas appliances

Industrial boilers


Gas-fired turbines

Engine powered appliances used in power generation

Certification may differ from state to state

To operate a Type B appliance legally in all states and territories of Australia, the appliance must be certified. However, these requirements may differ from state to state.

Large Type B Gas Installation

The Type B technical submission (or Appendix A) incorporates all items downstream of and including the appliance manual shut-off valve.

TB Isolation Valve

Need help with Type B Appliance Design? Need help with Type B Appliance Design?

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