Conformity Assessment / Fitness for Purpose Report

Conformity Assessment Document

Throughout a project there maybe times when a piece of equipment required to perform a specific task is not available with ANZEx and IECEx certification.

There are alternative certifications and manufacturing systems used for Electrical Equipment in Hazardous Areas (EEHA), around the world, and in the event that you use a piece of equipment without ANZEx and IECEx certification then a conformity assessment must be performed to ensure that it meets the same level of safety as an ANZEx & IECEx certified piece of equipment. This assessment is demonstrated by the development of the Conformity Assessment Documents (CAD).

Alternative certification schemes which require a CAD assessment


FM - Factory Mutual

UL - Underwriters Laboratory

CSA – Canadian Standards Association

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Fitness for Purpose Report

Unlike a CAD where there is a certification or manufacturing system to compare against, a fitness for purpose process provides a means of assessing changes to Electrical Equipment in Hazardous Areas (EEHA) which are typically used in novel or unusual applications, by reverting to the requirements of standards and their application. The definitions of "fitness for purpose" is associated with the following concepts:

 Suited for its designated role or purpose

 Acceptable, suitable

 Up to standard

 Meets required criteria

 Safe, not increasing existing risks

 Practical and pragmatic, economical and compliant

It requires the assessor to collect and evaluate all available technical information and that the changes to the product does not make any engineering difference and be sure that no additional risk is introduced by the changes.

HAZ Application Form

CAD/FFP Application Form

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